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Facebook dump

I learned that one can do a download of all Facebook activity into html files. “Great!” I thought, “I’ve been wanting to find some way to extract all that history and move it to my own space!” There’s a dozen years of personal history there. Some of it is trivial ephemera, but in some cases I put substantial time and effort into creating content for the entertainment of my friends and family. I’d like to have that content someplace that I have more control over.

So, I followed the instructions and downloaded my entire Facebook history. Only to discover that the result is a single html document for every post I ever made. Within that document are reference statements pointing to photos.

It’s not in any sort of format that I can easily upload here, unfortunately, so it’ll be a post-by-post sort of process which could take quite some time. I guess my (very few) readers will just get these little flashes from the past from time to time as I go.

And, well, the enormous single html document isn’t entirely helpful. If I open the document in a browser, the photos don’t show up. If I try to open the document in something on my own machine (like Word), the software asks for separate permission for each. and. every. photo. referenced in the file. Which quickly became unwieldy for my entire history. Or even for a year.

So I experimented and found that it’s not too impossible to deal with a month’s worth of content at a time. I guess I’ll have to make a checklist so I can keep up with what’s been done and what hasn’t, download a month at a time, and then go through and manually transform content into posts here. It’s do-able, if slow.

Anyway, that’s why there will be old posts about Scrappy, travel, and more appearing here in the not-to-distant future… Just so you know.


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