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I am well pleased…

I am ridiculously pleased with various simple technologies that make it easier to do the mundane everyday stuff.  Like kitchen implements, which I’m helplessly addicted to despite the fact that I rarely cook.

So I ordered a couple of items for drying clothes that aren’t supposed to go in the dryer.  For too long I’ve been mucking around with trying to hand one item at a time over the only towel rack that drips directly into the tub; wait for it to stop dripping, then shift it to some other rack and hang another one…

Ordered two items:  one, a frame you can lay sweaters flat on to dry (here), which hangs over the shower curtain rod.  The other, a rack that braces itself so it’ll sit over the tub without falling (here).  Neither cost a ton of money, and both work just fine.  Now I can just wash all the sweaters at once, hang them, and get on with life…

Sometime you have to acknowledge the trivial pleasures in life, ’cause there’s a lot more of those than the large-scale ones…


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