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Where does the time go?

Sigh. Weeks go by where I can’t quite figure out where the time went. So I thought I’d start noting down what I accomplished at the end of the day, and this might help me realize I’m not actually sitting around counting my toes all the time after all.

So… today, I
1) Ran the last two subjects for the Vital Signs study and had a debriefing with the team afterwords. (Hooray! Hopefully that’s an item scratched off my to-do list at least for a while!)
2) Had a brainstorming meeting with a grad student about study design for a study he wants to run in my clinic (generated a long to-do list for the rest of the week, sigh)
3) Read 51 abstracts submitted for the T&L conference and rated each one on a 9-item evaluation scale (content, design, use of language, etc)
4) Edited the asthma manuscript and did the major formatting for the journal – and sent a nice report back to the other author with a list of things he needs to re-write…

Um… that’s about it.

So tomorrow starts with an all-morning meeting to discuss these abstracts with the committee, so I suppose that’ll simplify my scheduling…

I think I’ve successfully traded my lackluster grad student for one of much shiner, more sparkly qualities (in terms of intelligence and work ethic; skin tones aren’t actually a lot different…) so that’s an upside to my day. And the day’s work could conceivably result in two paper submissions of papers which are primarily written by other people. Also good.

With those cheery thoughts, I’ll try sleeping and see how the world looks in the morning.


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