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Started with a productive day; after breakfast with friends I managed to put together a set of recommendations that I’d been putting off for a few weeks. Stopped to pick up a gift at the bookstore and had lunch with my students.  Got another long-standing, niggling task out of the way in the afternoon.

Also managed to drag an enormous pile of brush and branches from my backyard to the front curb:  tomorrow’s “large trash pickup day” which occurs once a month.  I keep forgetting about it so the pile has become rather enormous.  Now there’s a nice empty spot in my yard which will (hopefully) cover over with nice lawn and stop being an eyesore.  The realization that we’ll be hosting a large number of out-of-town relatives and friends in a few months has rather galvanized me to action…  I’m trying to arrange for an attractive home and yard to impress people I don’t see that often.  Which doesn’t really make a lot of sense; wouldn’t it be more motivating to impress the people I see all the time, since they’re obviously more important to me?

So instead I’ll make it my goal to create a garden that nicoleallee will want to sit in on a long, lazy fall/spring afternoon.  When the ligustrum isn’t in bloom, of course.

K has promised that we’ll do a sweep through the house and get rid of stuff we haven’t been using for years, over the weekend.  I’m good with that. However, if I’m to be truly honest about this process I probably should sell the chipper-shredder, which hasn’t been used in a year and takes up a lot of space in the garage.  It was a thoroughly frivolous purchase, after all.

At this point, though, I’m inexplicably exhausted and not feeling great – so will probably sleep early and hope to feel better tomorrow.


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