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Walking in the medical center

I was walking through the med center, enjoying the fact that the weather’s cooled off and glorying in the fact that my meeting ran only a half-hour longer than scheduled. 

Ahead of me I saw K, leading a group of people – he appeared to be giving a bit of a tour or something.  I didn’t know any of the people.  As they drew closer I heard him discussing what a friendly city we live in, how the people are so nice and accomodating, even if you don’t know them. 

So as they drew even with me he barely paused, just reached out and swept an arm around me, planted a big kiss on my lips, then released me and continued on his tour. 

Only a little eeeevil.

A little further along, found a little old man limping along.  “Excuse me, miss, is this the way to the VA hospital?”  He was at least two miles away from the VA, and not looking really very fit.  So I walked him across the street (I’m a regular boy scout!) and to the bus stop, queried the people at the stop about which line made it all the way to Holcombe and Almeda, and made sure they all knew to help the guy get onto the right bus.  He said he had a bus pass so I didn’t bother to give him a dollar for the fare.  He also said he had a ride home after his appointment at the VA, so I don’t have to worry that he’ll be stuck there forever.

The people at the stop were a little reticent at first but this guy starts rambling on about how without our help he would’ve found himself walking in the wrong direction “doing a Gump, you know, like that guy who was in that movie The Right Stuff?  He’s such a good actor…”  I asked “Are we talking about Tom Hanks?” (was he even in The Right Stuff?) and he lit up “Yeah, that’s the guy!” and somehow by now the half-dozen people at the bus stop were all paying attention and all smiled and laughed when he started going on about Tom Hanks… so I think I left him in friendly hands.

‘Cause when you get down to it, this is a friendly city.  It is the kind of place where you can ask a stranger for directions and feel fairly sure they’ll be given.  They may not be correct, mind you.  And they’re likely to contain useful phrases like “turn left where the old Bellaire Theater used to be”.  But they’ll be given.

Now to get some work done…  On call tonight, bleah.


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