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Appreciating small stuff

After a not-too-exhausting day I cut out of the office only to find myself sitting in obnoxious rush-hour traffic.  Then looked up and saw that I was positioned to admire a remarkable sky – big dramatic clouds moving smoothly across a brightly colored sunset.  Kind of put things back in perspective.

Have fallen rather flat on decluttering these last few days unless you could could the clearing of projects off my to-do list at work – had a couple big deadlines and ended up without time to do much neatening.  Did get sorted out a couple last invitations and got some laundry done.

Realizing my cluelessness – wanted to send invites to a couple of overseas friends.  But can’t really stamp the reply card, can I?  I mean, if I put a card in a postbox in Japan, and it had a US stamp on it, would it go anywhere?  So just left those unstamped.  They can RSVP via the website, I s’pose.

My cough gets a little better day by day.  Today was doing some cardio on the treadmill and wondering if at this point I’m really just suffering from asthma, no leftover cold at all.  Seems to get better with asthma meds, after all. 

Tomorrow AM my 7 AM faculty meeting (usually drives how early the day begins for us) is trumped by K’s 7 AM flight out of town – he’ll have to be at airport much earlier than that, of course, and it’s a fair drive to get there.  So by tomorrow night I’ll be a zombie – a zombie eating pizza with friends for someone’s birthday party, but a zombie nonetheless.

And am close to that now so will sleep soon…


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