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Voting…. with the stars

So I grabbed a cup of tea, something to read, and my marked-up election guide (in case I forgot a name or something), and wandered over to the polling place.

First delay was my neighbor Rita, who found it inconceivable that someone might deliberately walk somewhere.  Seeing me with my book and cup setting off down the road, she popped out to offer me a ride somewhere, sure I must be having car trouble.  I reassured her and we chatted a while about her kitchen renovation, which sounds Very Cool.

Then I delayed myself by mis-remembering where the polling place is these days.  Voted early last year at a local grocery, so hadn’t remembered that they changed things from the local school to the local library.  The new school building is cool, though, and they’ve done some lovely landscaping.

Headed over to the library – a pleasant walk through a park filled with playing kids.  One of them bumped into me and caused me to splash tea over the front of my shirt.  Ah, well, it’s not like I’m dolled up anyhow; working from home today so I’m decked out in sweats and a t-shirt and hair wadded up in a bun. 

Ducked into the meeting room where the polling was to take place.  First impression:  there’s a lot of people in here.  Second impression: a lot of them seem to be carrying cameras.  Big cameras.  At that point I figured out that a major candidate (Chris Bell) was standing in line to vote. 

There were two lines to stand in.  His was quite short and offered chairs to sit in while you wait, but under constant media surveillance.  The other was rather long, but blissfully out of the public eye.  So I (in my baggy sweats and stained shirt) stood in the long line and watched the paparazzi (sp?).  Sort of a boring assignment; watching a guy sit in line and wait to vote is rather like watching grass grow, really.

But I’ve voted now and can now get on with my day.  Will be following the election results on comedy central, where Jon Stewart will be having Dan Rather as a guest commentatior.  Should be pretty entertaining.


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