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Spent the day at Homecoming, where Rice actually managed to pull out the game with a successful field goal in the last 10 seconds of the game – giving them a lead of 1 point.  This made the crowd Very Happy. 

My parents are in town (for the afore-mentioned homecoming) so I have not been decluttering much.  And not much positive feedback on the decluttering, because it’s just not the sort of thing my parents notice.  Which is a good thing, I think – I like having family who will not criticise my home when they visit.

Saw a couple people I hadn’t seen in years – that’s sort of the point of going to homecoming, right? 

For this month’s family bookclub, K’s brother chose a movie.  The Gods Must Be Crazy, in particular.  It’ll be easier to get a movie finished on time and I’m curious what the discussion will be like.  And looking forward to watching the movie, which I remember as very entertaining when it came out and I haven’t seen it since.

At the game, they were passing out these inflatable tubes designed to make a lot of noise when they’re wacked together.  Handy at the game, where you can make enthusiastic noise without wearing out hands or voice (and all those waving tubes make a good visual image). After the game, Mom volunteered to take the three sets of tubes we’d been issued (one each for Mom, Dad, me) and take them to my nephews.  Which led me to wonder if she’s mad at my brother about something?  Giving noisemakers to three hyperactive boys doesn’t seem like a kind and generous thing to do…

Not much else going on.  I’m desperately behind on Important Stuff but I also desperately needed a break.  Maybe these days off will renew my sense of energy and initiative….

Supposedly will take tomorrow to go buy a wedding dress.  Wish me luck.


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