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I haven’t posted for a while, which is perhaps understandable because I went off and got myself married.  Which is how K has been describing it as he calls the various people (work benefits, bank accounts, etc) who need to know his new status:  “I went and got myself married last weekend…”

Anyway, my parents came in a week or so before the Event, to help with last-minute details. I dragged Mom off on scavenger-hunt shopping trips (“OK, we need… a roll of four-foot wide paper.  A garter.  Something to serve as a pond for the bride and groom rubber duckies to float in….”) and set Dad to projects like cutting a half-dozen wooden supports to be used for train tracks.

Yeah, train tracks.  Don’t all weddings include train tracks? Ours did.  We decorated the tables with various toys – one table with a train set, another with blocks and an abacus, another with a toy toolbox complete with toy drill, circular saw, and jigsaw.  Other tables had games – Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Jenga, Cranium.  The wedding party tables had enormous multi-arm candleabras – with neon colored stuffed monkeys swinging by their tails off the candleabra arms.

There were the inevitable wedding etiquette failure moments.  Like when my M. of honor invited someone to the bachelorette party who hadn’t been invited to the wedding… not because K and I don’t like this person (we do, very much – she may read this and I want her to know that) but because the guest list for the wedding was kept rather deliberately small. Generally, we only invited people who not only know K and me, but also are known to at least one of our families… My weak solution to the problem was to invite another such person to join us, so no one felt singled out… the two of them were great fun at the party and I’m awfully glad they joined us, even though it was a gaffe worthy of the etiquette hell page.

In general, though, the wedding went off just as we wanted.  There were old friends to catch up with at every table.  Kids scrambled around underfoot and took over the dance floor. We danced to “Shout” and gatored, of course.  We danced to “Louie, Louie” and in an impressive display of geekiness, about a third of the guests were willing to demonstrate the proper dance steps to “Let’s do the time warp again”.  Almost every guest participated in the conga line, from the youngest to the eldest.  And no one got cake smeared on his or her face, which is a good thing.

When I am old, I will tell my great-great grandkids (or grand-nephews and grand-neices, at the rate I’m going) that I wore comfortable shoes to my wedding.  I swear that “white shoes” were on that scavenger-hunt shopping list; we even found the white shoes I wanted, but then somehow… forgot to buy them. So instead I wore pale blue bedroom slippers. No one seemed to mind. Hey, I needed my “something blue” anyway.

The whole thing was possible because I have the most amazing friends in the world. 

pulled my a** from the fire on multiple occasions.  Rehearsal dinner venue cancels on us two weeks before the event?  No problem, she’s already researched a half-dozen alternate venues, complete with banquet menus and pricing options, and we end up with something even better than before.  Confused about what to suggest for wedding jewelry?  No problem, she’s prepared with customized, hand-made jewelry for every participant, even the flower girls. I never had the chance to be bridezilla, because every problem was fixed before I had the chance to throw a tantrum.

The one unfortunate part was the whole germ-vector thing.  Someone brought a nasty stomach bug to the event, which wiped out half of Keith’s family as well as several guests (hi,

!)  in the days after the wedding and caught up with me mid-week.  Kind of a honeymoon-killer, really, though it thankfully passed quickly.  K also came down with a cold which he’s still fighting.  I’m not sure how many people were affected – seems a little funny to call people and say “excuse me, but were you up all night puking anytime last week?” And it is not the sort of thing that comes up in conversation unless one asks.

So anyway.  Back now.  Will talk about something else in future, I promise.


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