Spring cleaning

Saturday, I got started trying to sort out the leftover food from the wedding festivities, figuring what was left, what needed eating real soon before it goes bad, what could be stored for longer, and what we need from the store.  This got me poking around in the pantry which got me noticing layers of dust and that got me started on spring cleaning – the kind of intense cleaning you only do every couple years where you take everything out of a cupboard, wash everything and the cupboard, put it all back after sorting out the useless or expired stuff…

My first reward was finding a bottle of raspberry flavoring syrup I’d forgotten.  Mmmm, raspberry-flavored hot chocolate. 

Of course, I also discovered that it looked like something had nibbled a box of candles… in the silverware drawer!  Shudder.  Now in the process of running everything in that drawer through the dishwasher, and everything from the drawers beneath it as well, just for completeness’ sake.

On other fronts, it’s pouring out.  Welcome to February.

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