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a stoopid question

I have (well, K has but doesn’t use) an old ipod.  It’s one of those full-sized ones from back when the ipod was an astonishing 30 GB… some time ago, K absconded with the earbuds for some other purpose.  And never put them back with the ipod and doesn’t remember where he put them.  Hard to get mad since it belongs to him.

So I never really liked the ipod earbuds anyway – my ears are smaller than that, I guess, because they were always uncomfortable.

So now the stoopid question – are there products other than apple-manufactured things that will fit into this little headphone jack?  ’cause I’d sure like to try some other format of headphone.  I have an idea that something shaped a little more like my favorite stethoscope earpieces will be much more appealing.


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