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We have a system. K shops, then I cook the food.

Which worked well until K got in a rut. I’ve introduced him to dozens of recipes over the years and provided him with ingredient lists for those he pronounced yummy, which theoretically should allow him to keep us supplied for a variety of meals and able to choose the ones that fit best with what’s on sale and in season each week.

So then I recently realized he’d bought the food for the same two dishes – and nothing else – for weeks.  And I was getting really tired of having my super-charged marinara/sausage sauce over ravioli, followed by chicken in a cheesy florentine sauce, followed by leftovers of each, followed by wherever we decided to go out Friday night.  REALLLLLLY tired of it.

So I rebelled.  And we decided that for a few weeks, we’d either eat out or just forage for ourselves. Eating out isn’t actually appealing since we come home from the office and work out, so cleaning up and leaving the house after isn’t appealing unless the proposed company is wonderful (Hi,



After a week or so of munching bread and cheese for dinner, I started to get inspired this week.  So two nights ago, I dug out some old frozen tuna burgers and make a sort of tuna-patty-melt with sharp cheddar, spicy brown mustard, fresh tomato, on toasted rosemary sourdough bread.  Yum.

Then tonight I stopped by the market and picked up all these fresh veggies (things K doesn’t really eat) and grilled them up.  Mmmmm, squash and peppers and portabella mushrooms. And a huge fresh spinach salad with tangy balsamic vinegarette.  MMmmmmm. 

Perhaps I’ll just go on a rampage of making something fresh and delicious every night and K will eventually be inspired to join me. Or at least start buying a broader variety of ingredients that HE likes.


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