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Learning curves…

I’m on a kick of learning cool stuff about entertaining tools (toys?).

In particular, I’ve gone from ignoring my old ipod, to being an avid listener.  I have the car tape adapter thingie which lets my play the ipod through the car. When I do my electronics shopping this week (have decided to hit Fry’s whether or not I make final buying decisions today), I plan to pick up the headphone-to-audio jack adapter that will let me run ipod or computer output through the stereo.  And as my previous post shows, I’m giving myself crash courses in home AV system options.

So… what’re your favorite podcasts?  I’m fond of several of the NPR offerings (Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk), several newscasts associated with publications such as Nature, Discover, Science… and I’ve come across a few useful ones for honing my medical knowledge.  Also I’m enjoying one that reviews Spanish vocab in short lessons (Coffee break Spanish, I think it’s called).  And there’s one that features people giving one-minute lessons about random topics which is good for short trips… Several of these are just augmenting my learning jag; I got a cool tip for simplifying hard drive backups yesterday and so now my main working computer is properly backed up with less trouble than ever before…

Also have been on intense learning curve for school and work related projects – have been brushing up my HTML, which I learned at a very basic, unstructured level years ago.  Have overlaid an understanding of XML standards and CSS and am picking up some/more PHP and JavaScript skills to expand my capabilities.  And I’ve been reading up on a variety of new systems, since my employers are planning to replace our electronic  medical record with a completely different system and I’ve been part of that decision process…

My brain is full of new stuff.  It feels good!

Not to mention that I’m finding my original profession incredibly wearing right now, and it’s nice to think that my skills in other areas are developing to the point where I can do other things for a living…


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