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As long as I’m learning things…

I have a fairly expansive vocabulary… but somehow never managed to come across the word miscegenation.  Which two unconnected people on my flist tell me is considered a racist word.  So I guess it’s a hot topic for someone.

So I go to my online dictionary and learn what it means.  And I guess it’s useful to have words in the language that efficiently describe all the phenomena that occur around you – it’s more efficient to say “miscegenation” than to say “marriage between people of different races or socially-defined groups”.  But, the “mis-” prefix on the word does suggest that whoever coined the word probably thought that was a Bad Thing.  Me, having gone decades without ever needing the word, I’ll probably forget it soon and go the rest of my life without needing the word.  Aren’t there more interesting things to talk about?

Now here’s a term I like:  hybrid vigor.  Reproduce with someone different from you, so your kids won’t have any nasty recessive traits and will be beautiful and healthy.


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