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Another BookCrossing catch

I’ve been “releasing” old books to the wild with id tags – I’ve released a bunch of books either in my clinic waiting room, or in the coffee shop I frequent.

But I’ve only rarely gotten any response.  So I get excited when one does get caught.  And one just did!  The weird part is that I’m pretty sure this is one of the books I left in the clinic but it got entered as “caught” on a weekend and many weeks after I released it.  So I’m guessing someone took it home from clinic, read it, and perhaps released it again without reporting on the site?  I know almost all the books I release in clinic disappear even though I’ve never had any of them reported as caught on the website.

Other BookCrossers – has your luck been as bad as mine?

I recently started changing where I glue the sticker – I was gluing inside the front cover but more recently I started putting a sticker explaining the concept on the first page of the actual text.  We’ll see whether that makes any change…


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