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Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what I want to do when I grow up… and then trying to figure out how to do it.  I think that quest is complete (though I’m too superstitious to announce it until I have the written offer in hand). 

I’m one of those people who are unreasonably terrified by change.  So the whole process has been a ruthless suppression of my wibbling fright while I carry forward with resumes, interviews, and all that jazz.  As a result my body was probably producing cortisol like mad… and I’ve picked up just enough weight that none of my nice professional clothes fit well any more. 

So I’ve resolved, for the first time in my life, to deliberately try to lose some weight.  Ideally I’d be taking a whole-foods, low-fat, low-sugar, home-cooked portion control route… but since I’m still in the midst of a huge life change and still busy, stressed, and distracted, I’d never manage that.  So I’m doing meal-replacements.  I get a couple “treat” meals a week (Fri night dinner, Sunday brunch).  Normal days, I replace two meals with a slimfast and a snack.  If a particularly healthy meal offers itself (like Sushi for lunch last Friday), I’ll do just one meal replacement.

Continuing to work out daily but that’s not really a change.

Dunno why I’m posting this here except that it might help keep me honest.  It’ll be easier to pay attention to this for more than a week if I have the support of my friends 🙂

So I suppose that’s my short but major list of  new year resolutions:  start new job, lose weight until my clothes fit again.  What else should I add?


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