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Let’s see… I’m home from England but haven’t found the time to blog about it.  Wasn’t tons to blog about, really; I wandered around, seeing sights and mostly people-watching, 4 days in Cambridge and 2 days in London.  Highlights involved getting to see my old friend Lydia, who I haven’t seen in a decade, and another old friend Jason, along with his wonderful wife and daughter. 

On arrival home I spent last week starting to get out resumes and repairing tile and grout in my bathroom.  My in-laws arrived on Friday and stayed through today – it’s so nice to have the house to myself again, even though this visit was overall fairly pleasant. 

I’ve had a couple job interviews.  The one last Friday was dubious – nice guy, interesting-sounding work, but the job would involve a lot of travel and worse, the company appears to be financially very unstable.  Today’s was more encouraging – though again a possible fly in the ointment is that they seem to be looking for someone to fix a dysfunctional department as well as someone who can do the consulting work.  Sigh.  I asked to meet the person who is apparently responsible for making the department dysfunctional and we’ll see how that goes before making any judgments.

And when I got home today there was an email asking me to send a resume for one position, and a phone call from someone at another place – so other options may be forthcoming.

Rumor mill says I might be getting our new computer sometime next week.  That’d be cool.


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