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Avocado seeds

We got together with friends last weekend and cooked a big delicious meal together. I was assigned to make the guacamole, which generated a pile of avocado seeds. I kept them for an experiment.

When I was a kid I sprouted several avocado seeds by suspending them in water with toothpicks. Sometimes this resulted in a plant, often it just resulted in a moldy mess. I came across something claiming the seeds will sprout if you just put them in soil and keep it damp. That seemed worth a try.

Since I gather they will take a while to sprout (if they ever do), I didn’t see a need to give them their own pot. I just tucked them amongst other seasonal plants, figuring that by the time the plants are sprouted and ready for transplant, the seasonal stuff will be finished.

So here is a nice avocado seed amongst some kale. We will see what happens!


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