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Crochet basket made from reclaimed materials

I’ve been slowly sorting and organizing some key areas, like my sewing/art/craft supplies and my office area.  Somehow I tend to hoard containers, but never have the right size and shape of container for the things I actually want to store.

So, I came across this instructions for making a basket by crocheting around rope, and thought it would be worth giving it a try:

Source: Crochet Rope Basket | Make My Day Creative

I altered the instructions slightly in that I used t-shirt yarn and crocheted around some old fabric-covered cord I had lying around.  Other than that, I followed the instructions pretty much exactly.

Here, you can see a corner of the work in progress, while Scrappy and I play with The Dot:

Then end result was not bad.  A little lumpy, but seems sturdy and not at all floppy:

I think the approach has potential, though I may have to practice a bit to end up with a basket I’m fully happy with aesthetically!