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Call irritation, part deux

Saturday morning I had frustration with the call service, as detailed in my last note.  However, it seemed reasonable the problem was solved:

  • The call service supervisor had identified that the digits were transposed in her system,
  • She’d successfully paged me five times with that system, and
  • She promised that for the rest of the weekend, the service would contact me within 30 minutes by phone after each call, to be sure it got through. (this last one was sure to make me miserable but it seemed better than missing an important call.  The alternative would be to have them call me directly – but I wanted to test the pager system as well)

So life seemed good.  Had a long stretch with no calls Saturday but a call to the service verified there really weren’t any calls. Had some calls come through normally Sunday morning.

So then there was a long stretch Sunday with no calls.  At this point, I thought we’d identified the problem and seen it working properly, so I was willing to believe it was just a quiet time. Silly me.

After dinner yesterday, my phone rings. It’s a supervisor (a different one) from the call center, asking why I’m not responding to my calls.  We go through the whole thing again, he checks the system, and… lookee here!  The last two digits of your phone number are transposed in the system! Gee, how could that happen?

I was pissed, frankly.  Even more so when I discovered there were two calls that had been waiting, for hours, because no one followed the instructions to call my home phone.  And one had profuse bleeding and the other had possible appendicitis – neither needed to be kept waiting for hours!

So I’ll be making some formal complaints today. This is ridiculous.


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